It is September Eighth, the day of reckoning, and the moon wears the night like a shroud.  The trees whisper like wraiths in the wind, and high up the stars shine like a million distant diamonds, twinkling as the moonlight glances against their facets.  You walk forward, and stumble through the frost-bitten cold into a house of warmth –




about me

You walk into the room.  It is a minimalistic room, but nice enough – sparse, yet not big enough to feel lonely.  Everything is perfectly still, except for the girl in the corner – crouched on her knees, fingers working away at the keyboard of a brand new iPad Pro.  She hesitates, sensing your presence, and turns to face you.  You stop and stare.

“I’m sorry if I’m intruding,” you say, biting your lip.

She smiles.  “No, not at all.  I like company.”  But she makes sure to turn the screen off before you can come closer.  You wonder what she was writing.

She’s not a pretty girl, really.  She has pretty hair – brown, long, falling all the way to her waist, braided in a waterfall braid that wraps all the way around her head and past her shoulder.  Her eyes are unimpressive – brown like her hair, but plain.  Her nose is a little too big, cheekbones high, mouth small, face oval.  She’s just a normal girl, you think.  Young, not too ugly, but not pretty either.  And you’re right.

Her name is Alethea Katherine.  She is a dreamer, and an artist.  She writes poetry, novels, and music alike, and dances when she can.  She has aspirations of something big, something beautiful, but no idea if she’ll ever make those dreams into a reality.  She listens to film music in her free time, studies most of the days away, and wishes she had more time to spend with her friends – and more friends to spend time with.  She is lonely sometimes, but very friendly, and eager for you to approach her.  She is a fruit addict, and she loves to make chocolate truffles for anyone who will eat them.

That’s what she tells you, anyhow.  Whether or not it’s real, or just a dream…that’s for you to find out.


Alethea Katherine is an electrical engineering major at UCLA.  She is currently studying film music composition with Professor Peter Golub, film music director of the Sundance film festival (more here).  She is also an avid novelist, and currently has eleven finished manuscripts, with multiple more novels planned, spanning five universes and too many continents to count.  She is a paid blogger at OneClass college blog, and has also been paid as a piano performer, ballet performer, and choreographer.  She dreams of someday being Stephen King, John Williams, Steve Jobs, and Emma Stone, all rolled into one person.

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