Another Break in the Schedule –


Sorry. I know, I shouldn't write in all caps. I'm just super excited, especially because I know I think the perfect agent for it is (cough cough Erin Harris of Folio Lit cough cough). No idea if she'll take it, of course. But a girl can always dream!

Actually, if any of you guys have an opinion on that, please chip in. My writing style – as I found out today – is this close to one of her favorite books (as in, so close that when I read the prologue to my boyfriend he thought it was my writing at first)…and it's the same genre, so she must like the genre…and on a past MS of mine that she rejected, Erin wrote me to tell me she thought I was a "real talent," etc. So she must like something about my writing, right?

I mean…for this manuscript especially, she's basically my dream agent. I know I'll probably be disappointed, but still. I can't help but think she'd be absolutely perfect for this book.

Ciao for now! Back to HBN soon (but first, let me get sucked into the whirlpool that is Pitch Wars!)…


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